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Fear not   Leave a comment

Over the next few days I want to draw your attention to some recent posts from members of the New Life family that have captured my attention and challenged my thinking recently. The first is a post from Liz Howeth on the subject of fear. This honest account of the ways fear has prevented her from trying some things was powerful for me as I face what has been my greatest fear.

Ever since a close friend in the UK was diagnosed with leukemia and I watched his long fight and finally saw God call him home, fear of cancer has haunted me. Walking with Sarah (my first wife) through her four-year battle with the disease, only served to amplify my fear . . . and yet Jesus tells his disciples, and therefore me, repeatedly and in every sort of situation to “fear not”

Well I got “the call”, I had no choice but to face my fear, and I am grateful to have discovered in these first few weeks of living with my greatest fear, that everything Jesus tells his disciples is true. He does walk with you; He does reassure you that He has not forgotten. He surprises you as He picks you up at the down times and brings you peace when you need it most.

So it really doesn’t matter whether your fears are large or small. Whether you choose to face them or are forced to face them by circumstances outside your control, you will discover the amazing faithfulness of God and that He does not just say ”fear not” but He walks beside you, helping you to do just that.

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Overdoing it?   Leave a comment

““Don’t over do it!” Over the past few weeks I have heard this familiar phrase from many who love and care for me. When I started thinking about it, I found myself entering one of those ‘more questions than answers’ zones!! How do I know when I am about to…”over do it”? Where is the boundary between “under” (is there such a thing?) and “over” doing it?

Last Friday I think I experienced the consequences of “over doing it”. I was looking forward to going to my friend Josh Howeth’s graduation from Seminary (Congratulations Josh!!) but found myself in considerable discomfort when I came home from the office. Maggie and I decided that it would not be wise to go. Now how do I know that I overdid it or if the cause was something entirely different? Can you only recognize this phenomenon as you look in the rear-view mirror as you travel through the uncomfortable “ I overdid it “territory?

Whatever the answer to these perplexing matters, I was reminded that, although I don’t understand the vagaries of such things, someone else does! I confess I lay in bed on Friday wondering if I should cancel the leadership seminar I was to take on Saturday and (almost unthinkably!) find a substitute preacher for Sunday. However, God clearly had other ideas and I awoke on Saturday ready to teach the seminar and I was able to play a full part in Sunday’s service.

On Sunday afternoon I wondered if I was once again approaching the “unknowable line” of over doing it, but I am just glad that even in the land of the unknowable, I am in the hands of One to whom nothing is unknown!

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