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Chewing the Cud   Leave a comment

As I have spent time in the Psalms recently I have appreciated in a new way David giving us insight in to his prayer and worship life. Meditation has taken a very prominent part in my preparation. Campbell McAlpine in his book “Alone with God” describes meditation as “the devotional practice of pondering the words of a verse or verses of Scripture with a receptive heart” and Adele Ahlberg Calhoun in “The Spiritual Disciplines Handbook” suggests that we should ” like a cow chewing the cud, keep returning to the text with your mind and heart.” As a result of spending this time focused on the text I have re written a couple of psalms in different voices inn the pricess of grappling with their meaning for me today. I thought I would share them with you.

Psalm 8 (Roughly translated in the voice of an adopted child)

Mom and Dad, I know that this is your home and everything in it belongs to you

 Even though there is no way I could have opened my mouth and asked or even suggested anything, you have used me as a demonstration of you love and care and overcome so much pain and rejection.

 When I look at everything you have worked for, provided for our home its amazing you have thought of very detail.

 Why you would share it with me I have no idea, but you have and you do! You told me I could treat this as my home and make use of all the wonderful things you have put in it.

You said I fit, that I belong in this special place. 

 Mum and Dad I know this is all yours but I am so grateful


Psalm 10 ( roughly translated in my voice)

God , how come you seem so far away from me here in Pacifica? How come you say you have a plan but you make impossible to find?

Many people round here seem to have little concern for those in our community that are really in need. They simply report the 150 homeless to the police because they don’t want them hanging out anywhere near them.

So many grand plans are made that are not designed to do much other other than to make  those who make them look good.

And, they think that God is for Dummies and even if he does exist He neither notices nor cares what is going on. And sometimes perhaps I could be mistaken for one of them or at best someone who just stands, watches and finds fault …

Please God show us all how much you care, show those who ignore you that you don’t miss a trick. And show those who live for themselves that you are in charge and show those who suffer in so many ways that you have not forgotten them

And please show me how I can be part of that and give me the courage to say yes!


I found this really helpful as I seek to use these scriptures as a framework for my own prayer. Have you ever tried rewriting a Psalm in your own voice? How did it work for you?

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