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Good Friday or just friday?   Leave a comment

Yes today is Good Friday, which now appears to be one of the most over looked calendar land marks. When I grew up in the UK, Good Friday was a national holiday ( I am not sure if it still is!). This made sure that anyone who wanted to could attend a service to remember the tragic and bloody events of the first Good Friday. When I came to the US I was staggered that even the major Christian organistion for which I worked did not consider Good Friday anything other than a normal workday. It was the easiest thing in the world for Good Friday to go by unnoticed.

It seems that we have surrendered to the culture that does everything possible to sanitize the truth. The sooner we get to Easter Sunday the sooner we can celebrate. BUT YOU CANNOT GET TO EASTER SUNDAY WITHOUT GOING THROUGH GOOD FRIDAY. There is no resurrection without the cross and the absolute death of the Son of God.

Lets be sure we take time to think about the agony that He chose to suffer for us and then just maybe we can really celebrate on Sunday!

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