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I am still amazed at all God did at New Life on Sunday! I feel so privileged to have covenanted with so many people to serve Him in Pacifica. The message from Jentezen Franklin we heard as part of One Prayer has left so many thoughts replaying in my mind. Here are a couple of quotes:

“When we meet Jesus we want Him to say Well done good and faithful servant …..not medium rare!!! We must make sure the fire is burning strong if we are to be well done”

“In the Old Testament God had a tabernacle for His people now he has a people for His tabernacle”

…….but One Prayer also has me thinking in a number of ways that relate to my day to day priorites and this morning I was wondering… since the Bible tells me that The Spirit is interceding for me (Romans 8 26-27) I wonder what God’s one prayer for me might be today. No not a vague one, someting more  specific… ‘ Jonathan if you only remember one thing I ask you to do today please……..

…….remember to say something encouraging to _______

……. make some time to spend with _______ and remind them how much I love them

…….. please make a start on _______ I said I would help but you have to start!

How about you………

I probably won’t be blogging for a few days ( Maggie and I are taking a few days vacation) but I look forward to continuing the conversation when I get back

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