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Well as I said on Sunday morning as we prepared to make our offering for the One Prayer Church planting project, our children had led us . They set themselves an audacious goal and hit it by giving their very best to God. They lived dangerously and what an example they set us……….. and
PRAISE GOD !!!!!! WE FOLLOWED. the offering we received on Sunday for the planting of churches was $2450!!!!!!! When we put that with the tithe of the funds coming from GBF and VDM that means we will be able to plant one and a half close to two churches (I will give the exact figures on Sunday when we can praise God together).
I know that is what happens when we begin to see all that we have as His and our selves as simply His stewards…..
At the outset of this new church family we said we longed to be a place where Jesus truly got to do things HIS way and where He was able to smile as we followed Him, and I am in awe at the ways He has shown us His smile …..5 Baptisms, close to 50 membership covenants, and now an offering to plant churches across the world.
I don’t know about you but I can hardly wait to see His smile again I wonder what it will look like but I am holding on to my fork! ……
Thanks for listening to HIM ………….and by the way I just love our church!

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