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I can’t remember any time in my life when I have been conscious of dreaming I don’t mean I never had dreams but I have no memory of having them consistently ……..that is until very recently . Now I don’t mean genuflecting asteroids , wine cellars or donut shops with aviaries attached ( ok think about it)* Mine have been your average garden variety weird …..but it has got me thinking.
When the leadership  took a half day to focus on God we heard a message from the One Prayer series entitled Make us Dreamers. So much of what God has been saying to us has encouraged us to dream of what God wants here is Pacifica, to be willing to be audacious dangerous etc. But here’s my question how do I know its God’s dream and not mine. How do I avoid coming up with my version of someone else’s great dream (especially one that God brought into reality).
I think the answer,  or at least part of it, is contained in the following
•    Pray a lot
•    Watch what is happening a round you (Pay attention!)
•    ……Pray a lot
•    Read the bible carefully and regularly asking God to show you relevant things
•    And……… pray a lot
•    Share anything you observe, read or hear with others
and then I believe God will reveal patterns and similar ideas. People will confirm things that o others have thought or seen. Then, as the dream takes shape the conviction grows that it has been revealed to us by God and is not just someone’s good idea.
BUT this will not take place unless we join the prayer and conversation, unless God’s plan for our church is important enough for us to dream about ……..
So what sort of a church do you dream of and more importantly what do you think God dreams for our church?

* If you are still confused then Genesis 39-41 might help !


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