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f you were in church on Sunday you will know that the trip to collect TYG from camp out did itself this year. We arrived to all the excitement of the final meeting and it is amazing to be packed in the same room as hundreds of young people a large number of whom you can feel have encountered Jesus in new ways during the week and will never be the same. To celebrate with them as they learned that they had given more than $6000 to missions and then the tradition is that they leave the chapel and go down to the side of the lake that is the center of the campground where there is a large bell. The whole camp celebrates once again as each person who has made a personal commitment to Christ during the week rings the bell to mark their decision……all that was amazing but this year was made extra special because, as we walked down towards the lake, two of our young people asked if Josh and I would baptize them there and then! What a privilege it was to baptize Lauren and Mikey with a large group of their fellow campers cheering them on!

The service I atented at New Spring was a baptim service and that was so cool to see 30+ people make that committment to christ. Mark Batterson and Steven Furtick have both featutred baptisms at their church inn recent blogs. Go and vist the blogs and get excited . I dream that God will be making baptims a frequent celebration inat NLCF will you pray with me and pray for your friends that this will beciome a reality………….and I promise we will post the footage of our lake baptisms as soon as possible

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