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On of the nicest things about having Mondays off is that I can enjoy contemplating all the amazing things that God did over the weekend. Yesterday, as I recalled how much I appreciated our worship service I was challenged by another quote from Jeff Lucas in “Creating a Prodigal Friendly Church.” 

Does our preaching [or service as a whole] stimulate , irritate, confront and occasionally infuriate? Does it just take up time on Sundays or does it drive us back to our Bibles on Mondays eager – even desperate to slake the wholesome thirst that has been created …….?” [brackets mine]

As I thought about this I remembered trips to Costco! No shopping spree would be complete without visiting at least one of the multiple carts strategically placed to offer you a taste of some delicacy . Their job is not to feed shoppers (although the frequency with which some people visit the carts you wonder!!) Their purpose is to give you a taste that excites you enough to go to the shelf and place some in your cart to enjoy at home .
So how about church …….when did God last give you a “taste” of something that you were excited to take home.  Something you wanted read more and/or learn more about so it would make a difference on Monday?

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