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Today like any other day comes round each year and every year; it’s my birthday!! I was encouraged to write some reminisces of what has been a remarkable year in so many ways. Last January I was writing as I began a year’s treatment for Melanoma, In fact my birthday was in the middle of the first month of very intense treatment.

During the year I have experienced all sorts of interesting side effects; a significant loss of balance, which included taking a fall at the bottom of an escalator in Atlanta airport. a variety of digestive disorders and, what appeared at least, to be a never-ending attack of flu. However God has been so faithful. I asked Him to let me continue to preach and He gave me the strength to achieve that goal in all but one week! (Actually (one and a half as I had to leave 2/3 of the way through one sermon!!)  My year of treatment was to have finished on Dec 28th, but two weeks early the doctors decided my body had had enough and I stopped injecting interferon in the middle of December. Now I am waiting for the scans and tests to know what is next.

Over the past year I have seen a number of things that revealed the faithfulness of God I mentioned above. First I have the most incredible gift of a wife! Maggie has been to every doctor’s appointment with me. She has been a constant encouraging and supportive presence each day, helping me to remember my medications and insisting we go to the emergency room when I did not want to go. It sounds trite but I am not sure how I would have survived without her. Secondly I have an incredible family both sides of the ocean. My sons and stepdaughters and their partners have been remarkable, always willing to do anything to help. And of course my wonderful grandson Atticus, who has brought so much joy to my life.

We began the year with Emily and Jonathan living with us and now they are happily established in their home near Sacramento. Currently we have Katie, Courtney and Atticus with us as they transfer from San Diego as Katie has a wonderful job in the city. What a joy it has been to get to know and love them better.

Back in February I was almost given a heart attack, to go with everything else, when my precious sister Judith and niece Bethany (all the way from England) walked in the door and stayed for a week. What an amazing way to cheer me up (again Maggie had a significant part in arranging and keeping it secret!) I was also able to go the UK with Mags to celebrate my parents’ 60th anniversary and had one of the best vacations of our lives. (Thanks to the staff of Bowditch Middle School who have been so supportive and made it possible for her to come with me.)

Then there’s my incredible church family. I cannot begin to describe the encouragement and care I have had from every one of them; the meals, the prayers, putting up with my lack of energy and worrying whether I was going to fall over when preaching… I could go on, but just know that I love you all and it is such a privilege to be part of New Life.

On December 17th I stopped treatment and another amazing gift from God was in store. I felt better within days and after a couple of weeks with the exception of tiredness, I felt back to my old self. I could not really believe it! I am now enjoying food and preparation for Sundays has become a joy again.

If you are one of those who have prayed for me all over the world, I will never know how to thank you. It has been a constant amazement to hear of people who have been praying, many of whom I barely know. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

There is so much more and in time I am sure I will share it but for now just know that the last year have been living proof of this verse

Cast your burden on the Lord and He will sustain you. He will never permit the righteous to be moved Psalm 55:22

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