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The Body of Christ worldwide is mourning the loss of one of this century’s most influential followers of Jesus. Dr John R W Stott’s exposition of scripture was without equal and paralleled by a daily commitment to live all he preached. Everyone who met him , and I was privileged to be one of those, was first struck by his overwhelming gentleness and humility. He was one of those few remarkable people who made everyone who met them feel that they were, for that moment, the most important people in the world. While Rector of All Souls Langham Place his preaching was significantly influential in my family’s walk with Jesus and I am indebted to his ministry for the certainty of one of my sisters’ eternal destiny.

His books are essential for every pastor’s library. His amazing ability to explain the most complex of doctrine in comprehensible language lives on in the pages of such books as “Basic Christianity” and “The Cross of Christ.” If you know little of this amazing servant of God, you can read his biography “ Basic Christian” and visit the memorial website, you will not be disappointed!

The following says it all…

27th July 2011

As the Christian community around the world grieves the loss John Stott, one of the global church’s heroes, may we all embrace the truth of who Jesus Christ is and be refreshed to serve Him as did John Stott.  Below, may the words of Christopher Wright (International Director of the Langham Partnership) and Frances Whitehead, John Stott’s “omni-competent” assistant (since 1956) bring you comfort and peace.

Benjamin Homan, President

John Stott Ministries


Dear friend,

We are sure that you would wish to be among the first to know that today at 3.15pm (UK time), John Stott went to be with the Lord. Close family and friends were with him during the morning, and they listened together with him to selections from Handel’s Messiah, including “I know that my Redeemer liveth”, and read through 2 Timothy. He died very peacefully during the afternoon. He had become very weak and weary in recent months and we thank God for a merciful and peaceful ending to his earthly pilgrimage.

John Stott reached the great age of 90 in April this year. During his lifetime, he became known worldwide for the clarity, faithfulness and relevance of his writing and preaching, combined with extraordinary integrity and humility. A man of remarkable global vision and strategic insight, he was instrumental in the establishment of many thriving Christian agencies. Countless people around the world can testify to the personal encouragement they have received from ‘Uncle John’. His ministry took him to every corner of the globe, whilst all the time remaining pastor and eventually Rector Emeritus of just one church – All Souls, Langham Place, London.

As the Founder and Honorary President of the Langham Partnership International, he will be remembered as a tireless advocate and friend of the churches in the majority world, demonstrating his concern for their well-being through the provision of literature, the support of younger leaders, faculty development of evangelical seminaries, and the training of pastors and preachers.

In honour of his memory, a memorial web site has been set up in thankful recognition of all that John Stott did to serve the church and to further the cause of God’s Kingdom.  The site contains many biographical details of John Stott’s life, ministry and writing,  photographs, a remembrance book, and ways in which you can respond to the event. This website will also publish, in due course, details of memorial services in different parts of the world.  We are sure you will appreciate visiting this site, www.johnstottmemorial.org.

Please join us in praying that the Lord, who has now called his good and faithful servant John home to his rest and reward, may continue to bless with increasing fruitfulness all the ministries that have sprung from his vision and leadership.

Thank you,

Chris Wright Frances Whitehead

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