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Yes you are right it’s an idea I had in the shower! I realized that I read and hear things frequently that make me think. Sometimes I tweet them, sometimes I highlight them, sometimes I make a note of them, and sometimes I either forget them or forget where I made the note! Then I remembered a comment made by Mark Batterson that if you write a blog it should be firstly for yourself. (I am sure that is not an accurate quote. Sorry Mark! but you get the idea). So there I was in the shower and all of sudden it came to me, why not write an occasional blog sharing some of these things. May be it will help me remember them and, who knows, you might appreciate them too. So here goes:

  • 1. “You will accomplish more in the next two months developing a sincere interest in two people than you will ever accomplish in the next two years trying to get two people interested in you” ! !

Tim Sanders ( 5/10/06 Catalyst Podcast)

Never heard of him before but he has written a number of books including “ The Likeabilty Factor” which I think may be in my reading future!

  • 2. “…for you are a slave to whatever controls you” 2 Peter 2:19

Hit me like a bolt from the blue in my quiet time, so I tweeted it along with a comment suggesting we might think about what controls us. No comments. I wonder why?

Maybe no one read it, but then maybe be we did not like what it made us think!

  • 3. “…according to scientific research, seven-eighths of an iceberg lies below the water. When I think about the reality of sin in all of our lives, that photograph often comes to mind. … For many sincere Christians, spiritual maturity is about trying hard to decrease the size of the iceberg above the waterline. With a few sermons and some behavioral adjustments, we can manage to do just that. The end result is a superficial spirituality that will never change our lives much.

Alan Kraft. Good News for Those Trying Harder (p. 45). Kindle Edition.

‘Wow!’ and ‘Ouch!’ are about all I can say there.

So did anything above make you think?

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