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To begin our new year and as we prepare for our fast on January 16th (more about that later) here are a few thoughts from the message last Sunday. The importance of  “choosing” came home to me powerfully, the things that we choose to do and those we chose not to do! Often the latter is harder than the former and how are we supposed to make these choices.

As he approached the end of his life Joshua reminded the people of all the things God had done for them in the past, the promises He had kept, the words He had fulfilled, the grace and patience He had shown them. As we look back we can see so many amazing things that God has done in and with us and these should be a powerful encouragement to commit to all that he has for us in 2012. So lets remind ourselves of our mission statement and vision and ask our selves and each other challenging questions.

Our Mission: We exist to Connect, Grow and Serve

Our Vision: To be a church that is known in Pacifica, in the World and in Hell!


How is my “connection” with God? What am I doing to make it stronger and deeper? What connections have we made over the past year and how strong are they? What connections would God have me make in the coming year? Are their any connections that have be damaged or broken? What can I do to repair and heal the damage?


Ask someone (not a member of your fan club!)

Where have you seen me grow over the past year?

In which areas do you think I need to grow?

Then our choice of course is what am I going to do about it!!


Where am I serving? Where would God have me step up in the year to come? Will that mean setting something down or handing it off?

Our Covenant

We are drawn together as a church family by the covenant we make with God and with each other. Have you signed that covenant yet? Is that a step of commitment God would have you make this year?

Finally Joshua does not ask the people what they are going to do he asks who they are going to serve. I guess you could ask the same question in the form of a challenge I first heard from George Barna. This year Are we going to “go to” church or “be” the church. Will we make our first priority to listen to Him and obey? I guess the choice is yours and mine!

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