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I have to confess I find worship difficult!  Why? Well, I love worship in church and we are so blessed to have wonderful worship musicians and a great worship leader, but it personal worship, when I am on my own, I find hard. Why I can’t seem to find a way to “adore” God as I sit by myself each morning?

However towards the end of last year I found something that has really helped. I started beginning my devotional time by listening to a couple of carefully selected worship songs.  Three albums have been a particularly helpful so I wanted to share them with you.

  • The first is “Banquet” by Graham Kendrick. Graham is “the father” of British contemporary worship music and I had the privilege of working with him on a number of occasions when I was in the UK.Graham Kendrick
  • “Come to the Well” is the latest offering from Casting Crowns. Each of their albums has songs with startling and challenging lyrics. One such song on this album addresses the emotions of a young girl on her birthday growing up with an absentee father.Casting Crowns
  • The third album is the latest from Matt Redman entitled “10,000 Reasons”. In my opinion Redman is the very best of the contemporary worship writers (and just for the record he is English too although he is resident in Atlanta I believe). Almost every song on this album really enables me to
    Matt Redman
    express my worship to God in a way I would not be able to do otherwise
  • Whether or not you use them for personal worship I really recommend each of the albums as inspiring and challenging in many ways. So do any of you have particular things that you do to help you worship in your personal time with God?

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