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Well, we are now into the second day of our shelter in place order. How are you doing? It struck me this morning that the focus of so much of our thinking and reading is what we can’t or should not do. Wouldn’t it be better to change that focus on what we can and should do?

At New Life we had our first fully live-streamed service last Sunday and it was great. We still have a lot to learn of course but we were able to act fast and say “We Can” because God has given us the technology to make it possible and we have some amazing staff who have worked on that technology for a long time and we have been streaming our sermons for a while now. 

We have had a Zoom account for some time now and experimented with meetings in the past so I was so excited to do discipleship with three other guys over zoom last night and see that one of our growth groups used the platform to meet last night as well. By the end of this week we will have held at least four gatherings on zoom and I am sure there will be many more to come. We discovered “We Can”

This morning I read in (Mark 8:1-8) about the time when Jesus fed the five thousand. If ever an occasion when it was obvious to say “we can’t” it was then and of course the disciples said just that. However they discover that with Jesus there is no “can’t” and He uses the little they had to feed everyone and have an abundance of leftovers.

I am convinced that in these strange and confusing times if we keep our eyes fixed on Jesus He will show us that  “ He can” and through Him “We can”. The outcomes will be “ greater than we could ask or imagine.(Ephesians 3:20) Let’s remember to support and encourage each other, keep in contact especially with those who may be lonely and vulnerable. Let’s prepare to be amazed at what our God will do!

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4 responses to “Can or Can’t?

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  1. Thank you this reminder and words of encouragement! Last night after hearing the schools might be closed through the summer, I had a mini panic attack and my thoughts began to spiral toward global catastrophes, then I remembered who is ultimately in control and was able to calm down. I pray we all can remember God is always in control.

  2. I am proud to say, We at Matthew 25 ministries, will continue to help those in need. It may be a little different from our norm but because Jesus said “We can”, we will. I am currently working to put in place an assistance team to help with groceries for the elderly and those who are ill. Because of their susceptibility to this illness, it is important for them to stay home and be well. It is Gods will that we work together and help wherever we can and that is what I will do.

  3. Thanks for leading our flock with encouraging faith in our God who CAN and DOES greater than we can ask or imagine.
    I have experienced a rising tide of grace, esp with family members. And myself. God told me to have grace, and when I ask for it, it rises in me and chills out the room.
    We all got laid off except my son who delivers pizza. So it’s a tense moment. I’m managing waves of fear and sadness. All I can do is ride them out, and pray alot, worship alot. About everything. Every worse case scenario bows to the name of Jesus. I’m praying He passes my understanding of the situation.
    Lars and I will be praying up on Mori Point every day at 1:pm rain or shine until the Shelter in Place order is lifted or we have other work.

  4. I also appreciate the words of encouragement. I am thankful for all that is being done to keep us connected and help those in need at this time. I know we have a God who brings beautiful things in the midst of difficult times and am trusting Him.

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