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Probably no coincidence that as I read “ The Daily Office” during my devotions each day this week I have come to the chapter entitled “ Growing through Grief and Loss” It has impressed on me that this is exactly what many of us are feeling right now. Here are just a couple of quotes :

“ Experiencing loss makes us confront our humanity and our limits. We quickly realize we are not in control of our lives; God is. We are creatures not the Creator”

“ We don’t become mature human beings by getting lucky or cleverly circumventing loss, and certainly not by avoidance or distraction. Learn to lament.”                         Eugene Peterson

Many have lost jobs, at least for the time being, with no knowledge of when work will restart. Many are feeling lonely  and disconnected wondering how they can maintain relationships in any meaningful way. How will bills get paid? Will people forget me completely. All these fears and so many more are real and legitimate and need to be confronted. It’s not that the fact that God is in control and will work all things for good is not real, it’s just that it takes time for that message to travel from our heads to our hearts. And that is ok. 

In the meantime we must first confront the pain and fear and feel all the emotions these unsettling circumstances bring to the surface. Express that emotion in all its raw reality to God, He can take it. Then and only then, when we have fully engaged with all that emotional reality, can we open the door to embrace the new reality with all its possibilities.

When Jesus tells repeatedly to “fear not” He does so because He knows how relentlessly fear  and insecurity rises within us. He does not say we are bad or wrong to feel that way. He does not say stuff it away in a place where hopefully you can forget it. He does not say forget it and get on with life. He simply says face it and recognizing it, hand it to me. I will take it and walk with you through it. I will take you to a place where you have no need to pretend but rather have confidence and trust we can face it together.

So, as we seek to maintain contact and connection with each other, let’s encourage one another to face the challenges with honesty. Then, I believe we will experience the joy and peace that passes understanding in fresh and amazing ways. In time, our Heavenly Father will enable us to deepen our faith and trust in Him. Also, He will teach us new ways to face the future that we will, in turn, be able to share with others.     

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2 responses to “Stuff Hurts!

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  1. Thank you your blog really resonates with me. I had some anxiety about financial and relationship impacts of corona virus and yes it took prayer and speaking it out to a few trusted friends and now God’s peace and trust has gone from head to heart. Thankful to have faith at this time and for friends like you who speak God’s truth. I am thinking another title for yourself in addition to pastor is friend. Thank you Jonathan.

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