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Its happening! We are about six weeks into the SIP regulations designed to keep us safe. In the early weeks there was a remarkable sense of being together in this and the need to do all we could to encourage and support each other. 

Most of us were well aware that we entered this unique season a nation as divided as we ever have been in our history but did we catch a glimpse of what it might be like if we weren’t? I am not sure because our ability to yell at each other seems to be raising its ugly head once again. I read an article yesterday where two people expressed opinions about what the authorities should be doing next. One pleading a case that all the restrictions had been an overreaction and unless we opened up immediately our economy would collapse.  The other equally passionately begging government to safeguard people’s lives by keeping the regulations in place. Of course, both are entitled to hold and express their perspectives and which is right I certainly don’t know.

What concerns me as we see the divisions in our nation re-emerge is not the existence of differences that is in many ways healthy. It is that, once again, they are being expressed in increasingly ugly and hostile protests along with threats at rebellion or resistance. Even more concerning is the fact that the church in various forms has chosen to enter the fray. Their rhetoric is also one of entitlement and rights and my uneasiness is that I don’t see that in the life of Jesus or the words of scripture.

I am not saying for one moment that I know the answers but I think that if we do not want to return to our behaviors before God allowed the pause button to be pushed we need to think carefully before we protest our rights and entitlements. Before we join the yelling across whatever divide let’s take the time we have been given to ask ourselves some questions. Do we really believe that God is totally and completely in control? Do we depend on Him alone to provide and protect us? Do we believe our every word and action should bring glory to our Heavenly Father? If the answer is yes how should we then speak and act? Has God given us a chance to do differently? What should that look like? 

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  1. 👍🏼

  2. Amen and thank you

  3. I do agree with you Jonathan, that our character needs to reflect our commitment to the Lord at all times, but I will tell you that one area where it is honestly incredibly difficult is when you have a situation where a loved one is dying from a terminal illness and you are denied the access needed at an assisted care facility in order to provide comfort and care, spiritually and emotionally. They would have no problem if we hired an outside person 24-seven (Who knows about screening and what they’ve been doing and who they’ve been exposed to?). But they are limiting our family’s access adding to the distress of our loved one. They have made some concessions, but it’s not nearly enough, and there were some big impediments to us moving her here (safety being a major one). It’s causing us both to really think about godly ways to engage with the staff. This is probably been one of the greatest challenges in all of our lives, How to balance all of these things and honor God in the process, as our hearts are breaking! But He is able and He is our help and hope.

    Janie-sue Wertheim
    • I am so sorry to hear that Janie . There are so many tragic situations that are similar we have a nurse who is working with women who are in high risk pregnancies and they are allowed no visitors not even spouse or partner. Once again we are in a place where nobody really knows what is best and sometimes it just seems the decisions made seem unjust and wrong. I just keep reminding myself that The Father is still in control. Praying for wisdom comfort and peace for you all

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