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One more blog post that caught my attention was from Shannon Cunningham. Towards the end of last year she wrote a very insightful post entitled, “ Bloom Where you are Planted”. I was challenged by her reminder of how easy it is to look at what is happening to others and to wish that were me. Unfortunately there were more occurrences of that type of thing in my life than I like to remember. The most powerful of all was when I was looking for a church where to begin my time in the pastorate. I applied all over the place and came pretty close to a job on a number of occasions. On more that one occasion I wondered why the successful applicant got the job rather than me! And then I was introduced to little Pacifica Christian Church, not apparently looking for a pastor but needing someone to preach. OK I could do that but since they only had about 15 in attendance it would not be a place I could stay!! But God had other Ideas and within a couple of month I accepted the call to be their pastor. Yes God planted me here in Pacifica! I was a little reluctant to take root but I am so glad I did. God has blessed me beyond what I could have imagined in this beautiful little coast-side town. I used to joke that I was God’s most unfruitful plant as we experienced so little growth at first. But He found ways over and over again to reassure me that He had planted me and that was all that mattered. The last few years have been amazing as we have seen New Life Christian Fellowship birthed in the heart of God and begin to grow. Thank you Shannon for reminding me of the importance of blooming where God plants us. We are so looking forward to having you, Drew and little Carsyn blossoming with us!

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