Interferon Week 2   Leave a comment

My first experience of depression and fatigue and I do not like it never thought I would have to take anti depressants!

  • The realization dawned that this is the first week in January and some form of treatments stretch ahead for a year. Seems like a mountain to climb!
  • How grateful I am that God has given me such good health for the first 57 years of my life
  • Strange to receive a call from a doctor at 2:30 am asking that we visit the emergency because of a strange reading of my potassium level in a blood test the day before. Thank you God everything was ok just a hemolysed reading (Never thought I would use that word in a blog!!)
  • How good it was to laugh really hard with friends on Thursday evening
  • The 21 day fast is confused by the fact that nothing tastes the way it should to me and so I don’t really want to eat anything
  • Not a good idea to park on the street outside Kaiser South San Francisco. My step-daughter was kind enough to drive to my treatment on Thursday and some body totaled her car while it was parked!

What a blessing to have leisurely conversations with friends who are good enough to sit with me during treatment

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